Originality.ai Review: The Best AI Writing Detector?

by Andrew Shih
Originality.ai Review

Last Updated on November 11, 2023 by Andrew Shih

Are you looking for the best AI detector or want to learn more if Originality.ai is right for you?

In this Originality.ai review, we will take a deep dive and explore Originality features, run interesting tests to check for its accuracy, including AI content generators, human writing, and Grammarly impacts. We will summarize the pros and cons, and give you an exclusive coupon code if you are interested in trying out Originality.ai. 

Let’s find out if Originality is the best AI writing detector.

Disclaimer:  Wisdom Depot is affiliated with Originality.ai, which means we may earn a commission if you choose to make a purchase. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. Please review the full affiliate disclaimer

What Is Originality.ai?

Originality.ai is a powerful AI detector that can check for both plagiarism and AI content creation.

What sets Originality apart from other AI detection tools is that it is the most advanced tool on the market that can detect all the most modern AI writers (ChatGPT, GPT-4. GPT-3, GPT-2, GPT-NEO, GPT-J), even paraphrased such as Quillbot.

Originality’s missing is to be the most accurate AI content detector and plagiarism checker for serious content publishers.

Originality AI Detector Features

First, let’s take a look at the various features that Originality.ai can offer.

Plagiarism checker with highlight

Similar to Copyscape, a popular plagiarism checker tool, Originality.ai can provide text highlights of plagiarized text and a plagiarism score. Origianlity.ai is able to provide the link(s) to the web page with the original content.

The plagiarism score ranges from 0% to 100%. The percentage indicates the percentage of overall scanned content that is plagiarized.

Originality Plagiarism score with original Entrepreneur article.

AI text Detection with highlight

The accuracy of AI writing detection is the strength of Originality.ai.

Originality.ai can highlight text with various colors based on the probability of AI content creation. The tool will provide an overall score of the likelihood that the content is created by AI.

It is important to keep in mind that the Plagiarism score works differently from the AI detection score.

A plagiarism score of 50% means that about half the content is plagiarized – there are no doubts. 

An AI score of 50% does not mean 50% of the content is created by AI. It simply means there is a 50/50 chance that the content is created by AI.

Originality AI Writing Detector for Soft Skills
Originality AI Detection with Text Highlights

The text highlighting for the AI score ranges from dark green to dark red.

If Originality.ai determines with high certainty that the text is written by humans, it will highlight using dark green. On the contrary, Originality.ai will highlight the text using dark red if the text is most likely created by AI.

However, if Originality.ai is not sure whether the text is written by humans or AI, the tool will highlight the text close to yellow color.

Originality highlighting heatmap
Source: Origionality.ai

Originality.ai warns that you should not judge writing by just one AI score. Instead, you can judge the writing by the scoring pattern.

If the writing consistently yields low AI scores, the writer has been creating original content. A mid-range AI score likely indicates that the writer uses AI to assist with part of the writing. A consistently high AI score likely means the writer relies too heavily on AI to create the content.

Originality AI vs Human score detection
Source: Originality.ai

Scan entire website

Originality.ai can scan up to 1000 pages for a website, given a URL.

While this can be a very convenient feature, using this feature can deplete your credits quite quickly if you have many pages.

Originality.ai will scan each page and provide the word count and the AI detection score.

If you are a website flipper or looking to buy an established website, doing the website scan is a must-do task to make sure what you buy is original. 

Originality Scan Website scan result for wisdomdepot
Originality.ai Website Scan

Manage unlimited team members

Originality.ai allows you to add as many team members as you need.

At the time of writing, you can only add additional team members as content editors for running and viewing scan results.

In the future, Originality plans to include website manager and admin roles. The website manager will be able to manage website scans. The administrator will be able to manage payment and add additional team members.

Originality Add Team Member

Originality.ai Chrome Extension

Originality.ai offers a simple Chrome extension tool. The tool will allow you to cut and paste text and run a quick scan. The scan will take the same amount of credit as if you are running from the Originality.ai website. The Chrome extension simply serves as a way to run a quick scan.

Originality AI Chrome Extension Text Easily
Originality.ai Chrome Extension

Originality.ai will only produce the AI detection score. Unlike running from the Originality.ai website, the Chrome extension will not show text highlights or keep the history. 

Unless you are just looking to do a quick scan and only want the AI score, running the check directly from the Originality.ai website makes more sense since you get a lot more detail that costs the same number of credits.

Originality AI Chrome AI score 17
Originality.ai Chrome AI Detection Score

Content readability checker (free tool)

Whether you are a blogger, a content writer, or a marketer, the readability checker can help you make your writing more accessible and easier to understand.

This tool uses complex algorithms to analyze your text and give you a score based on factors like sentence length, syllables per word, and words per sentence or paragraph. To use the checker, simply copy and paste your text into the designated field and let the tool do its work.

Originality Readability Tool
Originality Readability Tool.

You’ll get a score and suggestions for improving your content’s readability. It’s important to write at a level that matches your ideal reader’s comprehension, with content between a 6th and 8th-grade level often performing well for engagement and sharing. Best of all, this tool is completely free and user-friendly.

Originality.ai content optimizer (free tool)

Originality Content Optimizer
Originality Content Optimizer Tool

Originality.ai Content Optimizer is a free alternative to Surfer SEO and MarketMuse. The tool provides a keyword density analytical report by comparing your content with your competitor. 

You can input your content and compare up to 10 competing articles. The report will provide keyword comparisons to help you identify keyword and content gaps that you should include to improve your article.

Originality.ai text compare (free tool)

Originality text compare
Originality.ai Text Compare Tool

Another free tool that Originality.ai offer lets users compare two similar text documents side-by-side that highlight the differences in keyword density. The keyword density helper works similarly to SurferSEO or MarketMuse to help the writer find content gaps and enrich the writing. Best of all, it’s simple to use and free.

You can compare two documents using URL, File or copy and paste the text into the textbox provided. If you have an article you are working on, this can be a handy tool to quickly compare your writing with the competing article.

Originality.ai Pricing

Originality.AI offers a cost-effective solution for plagiarism checking that goes beyond the capabilities of outdated tools. With Originality.AI, you can add unlimited team members and websites and perform unlimited scans for both plagiarism and the use of AI writing tools.

At just $0.01 per 100 words per scan, Originality is very affordable. For an article with 1000 words, it only costs $0.1 per scan. You can scan for plagiarism only, AI writing detection only, or both at the same time. However, it will cost 2x credits if you perform both scans.

Compared to Copyscape, a popular online plagiarism checker, Originality not only checks for plagiarism but also AI detection at a lower price, and your credit doesn’t expire.

Originality.ai Coupon Code

Wisdom Depot has worked out an exclusive discount code with Originality.ai to provide 25% savings on your purchase. This coupon code is only good for one-time purchases. The more you purchase, the more you will be able to save.

Make sure you use the coupon code Wisdom25 with our affiliate link to get this savings.


Exclusive 25% off coupon code. Valid for a one-time purchase.

Is Originality AI Detection Accurate?

Originality touts its accuracy, but does it truly live up to its hype?

We will put it through several tests. Our test will focus on AI detection accuracy. We will test Originality.ai using AI-generated content, human-created content, paraphrasing, and editing via Grammarly.

ChatGPT Test

ChatGPT is the hottest AI content creation tool. In our testing, we asked ChatGPT to write 2 small paragraphs about why students and teachers need to use the AI detector tool. 

Originality.ai is able to detect 100% AI content created by ChatGPT accurately and with high certainty.

Originality ChatGPT scan for AI Detector
Originality AI detection score for ChatGPT AI generated content

PASS. Originality.ai detected ChatGPT generated AI content.

Rytr.me test

Similar to Jasper.ai, Rytr.me is a more affordable AI writing tool. We give the same command to Rytr to write about why students and teachers need to use the AI detector tool. 

Likewise, Originality.ai was able to detect AI accurately with high certainty.

Originality Rytr AI Detector

PASS. Originality.ai detected Rytr.me generated AI content.

Human Writing Test

Originality is able to detect AI writing content with 100% certainty. Can it detect human writing accurately without false positives?

I tested a few paragraphs that I wrote manually and tested them using Originality. The result varies quite a lot from high to low AI detection scores. 

With little word count, it can be harder to determine if the content is written by AI, and each sentence carries more weight. Therefore, it’s more likely to get a false positive.

Originality Human writing AI detection v1

As illustrated, we received both high AI and low AI scores from testing different paragraphs that I manually wrote. 

Originality Human Publisher AI Detector

Overall, the AI detector score for the short paragraph may vary quite a lot and is more likely to yield false positives. However, the score can be a more reliable indicator for longer articles based on the website scan results.

Mixed Result With False Positive for human writing.

Apply an AI Paraphraser to AI Writing

Let’s find out what happens if we take a piece of writing completely generated by AI and paraphrase it using Quillbot.  Since all the content is still generated by AI, we should see a high AI detection score.

We took the previous output generated by Rytr.me and paraphrased using Quillbot.

The AI content generated by Rytr.me is on the left, and the output from Quillbot is on the right side.

Originality Quillbot paraphrase Rytr.me

Originality.ai is able to detect the AI content that was paraphrased using an AI tool and assign an AI detection score accurately.

Originality AI detection score after using Quillbot to paraphrase Ryter generated AI content.

PASS. Originality.ai detected AI generated paraphrase content.

Apply an AI Paraphraser to Human Writing

Next, let’s see what happens if we copy paragraphs written by a human and run them through the Quillbot paraphraser tool. Does Originality.ai still detect plagiarism and AI writing?

To do this test, we copy 2 paragraphs from an article on Entrepreneur.com and run an Originality test to establish the baseline. It has a high Originality score of 93%. 

Originality AI Detection Entrepreneur article

As expected, the plagiarism score is 100% since we cut and pasted the exact paragraphs, although the last sentence should be highlighted as well.

Originality Plagiarism score with original Entrepreneur article.

Now that we have the baseline score established. We use Quillbot to paraphrase the writing.

Using Quillbot to paraphrase Entrepreneur article

We ran Originality.ai test with the paraphrased content. 

Although the original paragraph had a low AI score, Originality.ai determined the article as AI generated after paraphrasing using Quillbot.

Originality AI Detection with Entrepreneur article and Quillbot

However, the paraphrase tool was able to modify the article that yield a 0% plagiarism score.

Originality Plagiarism score after using Quillbot to paraphrase Entrepreneur article.

Therefore, a tool that can only check for plagiarism will not be able to catch this cheating behavior. You will need to check for both plagiarism and AI writing to catch students or content creators who take others’ original content and then paraphrase using Quillbot.

PASS. Originality.ai detected AI generated paraphrase content.

Grammarly Test

Grammarly is the most popular grammar editing tool. The tool not only offers recommended fixes for grammar issues, but it also offers suggestions for correctness and clarity.

We wonder if going overboard and editing using Grammarly could become “AI-ish” and increase the AI detection score. In our test, we will start with human writing without Grammarly, then accept just the grammar fix, and finally follow by accepting all the clarity and correctness suggestions.

Let’s see if the AI detection score increases.

First, we start with original content without taking suggested editing from Grammarly. The red highlights are Grammarly’s suggested grammar fixes, and the blue and turquoise colors are clarity and engagement fixes.

Originality Grammarly All Suggestions
Grammarly Suggestions – Correctness, Clarity, Engagement

Using the original text above, Originality.ai shows only a 2% AI detection score.

Originality Grammarly No Edits

Next, we accept Grammarly’s grammar fixes and remove all the red highlights. At this time, we did not take Grammarly’s suggestion for clarity and engagement fixes.

Originality Grammarly Clarity Suggestions
Grammarly Suggestions – Clarity, Engagement

By only fixing the grammar issues suggested by Grammarly, the AI detection score went from 2% to 25%.

Originality Grammarly Grammar Edits AI Score

We take it to the next level and accept all Grammarly’s suggestions, and here is the final text.

Originality Grammarly Accepted All Suggestions
After taking all Grammarly Suggestions

By accepting all of Grammarly’s suggestions, the writing received a whooping 84% AI detection score – a huge spike from our original content.

Originality Grammarly All Edits AI Score

In our Grammarly test, the jump for AI detection score is quite significant, and Originality.ai detected “over-editing,” which makes writing less original.

PASS. Originality.ai AI detection score increased as we accept more Grammarly editing suggestions.

Who Should Use Originality AI Text Detector?

Anyone who needs to ensure the writing is original should consider using Originality.ai. 

Content creators and Publishers

If you write for a living as a freelancer, content creator, or publisher, you know checking your work for plagiarism is important. 

If you are a content creator who utilizes AI to assist with your writing, it is essential to use an AI content detector to make sure your content is not weighted too heavily on AI. Even if you are not using AI to create the content, it may be worthwhile to check for AI writing because, most likely, your buyer or supervisor will check for both plagiarism and AI content writing.

Students with writing assignments

As a student, you know not to plagiarize others’ work for writing assignments. Do you use AI tools to help you with writing or grammar checker tools such as Grammarly? It is certain that more teachers and professors will check assignments for both plagiarism and AI content creation. Don’t get caught by surprise by checking your work for plagiarism and AI before handing in the assignment.

Teacher and Professor

In the past, teachers and professors only needed to check if the writing assignment was plagiarized. With the easiness of using AI writing tools, AI detection is just as important as checking for plagiarism. AI content checkers such as Originality.ai can help to maintain the integrity of academic assignments and ensure that students are producing their own work.

Blogger and Web Publisher

Are you concerned about the authenticity of your web content? With the rise of AI writing, it can be difficult to ensure that your content is original and not plagiarized. Origionality.ai can scan your content and provide a detailed report of any potential plagiarism or AI-generated text.

This allows you to have peace of mind knowing that your content is truly original and written by a human writer. Originality.ai offers team management functions and activity history, giving you complete control over the plagiarism-checking and ai detection process.

Content Agency

AI technology has revolutionized the way content agencies manage their teams and ensure Originality in their work. With AI-generated text detector tools like Originality.ai, agencies can easily manage large teams and scan thousands of articles per month for plagiarism for ai writing. This provides increased confidence to clients that the content produced is original and created by humans.

Originality Pros & Cons

Originality.ai is a tool that can help individuals and organizations detect plagiarism and AI content. Here are some of the potential pros and cons of this tool:


Accurate and Comprehensive: Originality.ai uses advanced algorithms to analyze text and identify AI content creation. It can quickly scan content and provide text highlights in different colors based on certainty.

Easy to Use: The tool is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to people with limited technical knowledge. All you need to do is copy and paste the text into the system, and it will do the rest.

Time-Saving: Originality.ai can save a lot of time by automatically identifying potential plagiarism and AI content. This is particularly useful for teachers, students, and researchers who need to ensure the writing or publication is original.

Protects your Reputation: By detecting potential instances of plagiarism and AI content, Originality.ai can help protect your reputation and prevent any accusations of academic misconduct.

Affordable: The price tag for using Originality.ai is very affordable. It costs only $0.01 to scan 100 words, and the credits will not expire. Also, you can save 25% when you purchase with our affiliate link and apply our exclusive coupon code Wisdom25.


Limited to Text-Based Content: Originality.ai is limited to detecting plagiarism in text-based content only. It cannot detect plagiarism and detect AI in audio, video, or image-based content.

False Positives: While Originality.ai is generally accurate, there is always a risk of false positives. The false positive will likely be higher for scans with minimum text, and the AI detection score can vary widely. In our testing, “over editing” using Grammarly can also result in a higher AI detection score.

Requires Internet Connection: The tool requires an internet connection to work, which could be a problem for users with limited connectivity or those working in remote areas.

In summary, Originality.ai can be useful for detecting plagiarism and AI in written content.

It is accurate, easy to use, and can save you time. However, you should think twice before firing your writer because of the high AI detection score due to potential false positives. 

Is Originality.AI worth it?

Originality.ai can be a valuable tool for students, teachers, bloggers, content creators, and publishers.

If you rely on a plagiarism checker, most likely, you will want to use Originality.ai to check for both plagiarism and detect AI content.

If you need to publish an important research paper or simply make sure your essay is original, it’s definitely worth it to check that your work is original and make sure there are no surprises.

Originality.ai Alternatives

There are several other AI detector tools available, such as OpenAI Text Classifier, GTPZero, CopyLeaks, and Writer.com. However, the test result shows that Originality.ai is far more accurate in detecting AI than other tools.

Originality AI Detection Accuracy Test Summary

Except for Originality.ai, all other tools are not able to detect paraphrasing. Also, some tools can only perform plagiarism checks or AI detection.

Originality AI Detector Comparison

Originality.ai Review

Originality.ai Review

Andrew Shih

AI Detection
Plagiarism Detection
Ease of Use
False Positive


Originality.ai is powerful and can be a very helpful tool. Its key strengths include accuracy, easy-to-use, comprehensive reports, and affordability. It’s the most advanced AI detection tool with a paraphrase checker in the marketplace. The weakness is that false positives can occur, especially if the scan contains very little text.

Overall, if you need to ensure content is not plagiarized and not completely generated by AI, you may want to give Originality.ai a try.

If so, remember to use the exclusive one-time coupon code Wisdom25 to get extra 25% saving.


What’s your experience using Originality.ai? Are you surprised by any of our test results? Anything else you would like to know but not covered by our Originality.ai review? Let us know in the comments below.

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