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by Andrew Shih

We appreciate your interest in guest post with us. To maintain high standards, we have established the following guest post guidelines.

Please review our mission statement and guest post guidelines before soliciting and submitting your guest post.

Our Mission

Inspire and help people achieve financial freedom with trusted information.

Acceptable Guest Post Topics 

Currently, we accept guest posts for the following topics: Blogging, Print-On-Demand, Side Hustle, and Personal Finance.

For example:

Blogging: How-to, tips, lessons learned, tools, resources, web hostings, etc.

Print-On-Demand (POD): POD platforms, tips, lessons learned, tools, etc.

Side Hustle: Passive incomes, making money part-time, online or offline, etc.

Personal Finance: Save money, cut debt, reduce cost, investment, etc.

General Guest Post Guideline

  • The article must be unique and original, not plagiarized, and not duplicated elsewhere.
  • AI detection score should be less than 50%.
  • Content should be well-researched. Information should be accurate to the best of your knowledge and not knowingly make misrepresentations. Trust and credibility are crucial.
  • The contributor is encouraged to ensure no similar article on our site covers the same primary keyword by checking the titles of the article.
  • When making claims or stats, references or citations should include links to the source.
  • The writing style should be professional, conversational, and friendly.
  • Submission in Google Doc format.
  • The article should be SEO optimized

The Article

The article should include:

  • Title should be SEO optimized and compelling
  • Content must be at least 1200 words, ideally around 1500 words or more.
  • Content Headers should be formatted appropriately. The title is considered H1. Body headers should start from H2.
  • Images that go along with the article are ideally inserted in the article so we know where the image should appear. Image size should be compressed or optimized.
  • If applicable, link to the video you want to embed. A relevant and helpful video may keep the reader on the page longer.
  • Brief Meta Description for the article in 1 to 4 sentences.
  • 1 Primary keyword you want to rank for.
  • Anchor Text and anchor link. The anchor text and link should be natural and relevant. Generally, the anchor text would be the name of your website, company, or brand. You can use the desired keywords near or next to your anchor text.
  • Indicate if you want a no-follow or do-follow link. (See do-follow link fee below)
  • Author’s Bio and image If you are new and want to be displayed as a guest contributor, please provide your brief bio and profile image.

Fee for a do-follow link

If your article meets the above guidelines, we can accept guest posts with no-follow links for free.

We generally do not like to offer do-follow links to keep our spam score low. However, if you want a permanent do-follow link with your guest post, we do charge $100 free for the do-follow link. We accept payment through PayPal, and the payment is due upon publishing the article.

What Do You Get With Your Guest Post

  • The contributor receives credit and exposure for contributing to the article.
  • We may perform on-page SEO optimization.
  • Your article will benefit from our growth as our website and traffic grow organically.
  • With the do-follow link, you also get the ‘link juice,’ which may help improve your website’s domain authority.

Updating Your Guest Post

It is a good idea to keep your article up-to-date quarterly or annually.  Google likes to rank fresh content.

Only the original contributor can request the change to the article.  We can help you update your existing article at no additional cost based on our resource availability.

When you make the edit, please make sure you are based on the latest article from our website.  Microsoft Word has a feature for tracking changes.  Please send in your update with your track change feature turned on.

We Reserve Our Rights

If we do not feel your article is a good fit or doesn’t meet our standards, we will not accept your guest post.

We reserve the right to edit your article. Here are several reasons why we may edit the article:

  • To boost on-page SEO and link to relevant articles on our website.
  • We may correct typos and grammatical mistakes.
  • We may embed our no-follow affiliate link if our affiliate mentions the article.
  • Update outdated information
  • Add/update disclaimers.