Strikingly vs Wix: Which Website Builder Should I Use?

by Andrew Shih
Strikingly vs Wix

Last Updated on January 8, 2023 by Andrew Shih

There’s no doubt that Strikingly and Wix are two of the most popular website builders out there. Both website builders are easy to use and come with many distinctive feature sets, but key differences distinguish them from each other.

Selecting the website builder that will best suit your needs can be daunting, with various features, design customization options, and pricing options to consider.

 In this article, we will offer a side-by-side comparison of Strikingly vs Wix to help you decide which website builder is better for you.

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What is Strikingly?

Strikingly, a popular website builder was born in Silicon Valley and supported by Y Combinator, Google, and Facebook. It has been featured in multiple well-known publications, including Forbes, New York Times, and USA Today. It is most renowned for its ease of use and exceptional customer service.

Strikingly is an advanced website builder that enables users to create gorgeous, mobile-optimized websites without any coding and designing skills. It is a feature-rich website-building platform that allows users to create modern and beautiful websites in under an hour.

The DIY website builder lets you build professional-looking one-page websites. You don’t have to possess web development skills to build a mobile-optimized website with Strikingly. You simply need to follow the guidelines the website builder generates by default to launch a quality website.

What is Wix?

Wix is a popular cloud-based website builder that allows users without coding skills to create professional HTML5 and mobile-friendly websites quickly and easily.

The Wix platform comes with user-friendly drag-and-drop tools and over 500 designer-made templates that allow users to create stunning websites in a short amount of time and with high-quality results.

Wix boasts a powerful feature set, advanced design customization options, a simple and intuitive editor, integrated blogging and eCommerce engines, and many other features. Thanks to its simple and intuitive editor, versatility, gallery of images, and video backgrounds, newbies and proficient web developers alike can create unique and awe-inspiring websites.

Strikingly vs Wix Easy to use

Strikingly vs Wix: Design and Ease of Use

Strikingly Design and Ease of Use

Strikingly website editor home

The interface of Strikingly is intuitive and code-free, making it absolutely easy for beginners to use the platform.

Getting signed up on Strikingly is straightforward. You simply provide the website builder with your email address, and you’ll get an email redirecting you to a personalized creators’ dashboard.

The arrangement on the creators’ dashboard is easy to understand, so you don’t need any explanations to start creating your website. You can add/edit/order the pages and sections easily. The features and configuration settings are grouped appropriately under Styles, Settings, and Audience.

Wix Design and Ease of Use

Wix website editor home

Wix has a very modern and powerful editor that uses drag-and-drop functionality to enable users to tailor their websites. The editor is packed with many features.

As for ease of use, the interface can be a bit overwhelming at first for beginners, and there is a learning curve to take advantage of Wix editor. Certain tasks aren’t intuitive, such as changing the template or rearranging the sections, which was easy to do with Strikingly.

Our Verdict

When it comes to design and ease of use, Strikingly is a better choice as it allows users to handle all the steps of the web design process intuitively without feeling overwhelmed. While Wix has more features, there is a learning curve to becoming proficient in using the editor.

Strikingly vs Wix Theme

Strikingly vs Wix: Templates and Themes

Strikingly Templates and Themes

Strikingly All Templates

Strikingly features an incredible collection of templates and themes. These templates and themes span different industries, niche topics, and design trends. They are divided into categories so you can narrow down your search.

Templates and themes are categorized into 8 primary categories: online store, business, landing pages, membership & courses, creative, org & events, personal, and blog. Each main category will have several subcategories.

Strikingly’s focus is one-page templates, which are beautifully designed and can be transformed into completely different web pages from the original templates. Whether you’re a newbie or a professional web developer, you can rest assured that your final product will certainly look visually stunning.

Wix Templates and Themes

Wix Templates

Wix offers 500+ templates and themes categorized under different classes, including photography, business, events, health and fitness, fashion, beauty, blogs, restaurants, and more.

With hundreds of pre-made templates, you’ll have no problem finding templates and themes that will meet your needs. Whether you’re looking for templates that are well-suited for a fitness website or a food business, you have a wide variety to choose from.

Our Verdict

Wix is the winner for Template and Theme.

Both Strikingly and Wix have stunning templates in all categories. However, when it comes to the number of categories and templates, Wix simply outnumbered Strikingly.

Strikingly vs Wix eCommerce

Strikingly vs Wix: Ecommerce

Strikingly Ecommerce

Strikingly allows users to create a small web store by integrating the Simple Store widget. Small business owners can leverage this feature to create and update product galleries, customize web store pages, manage client orders, adjust shipping and payment settings, or export and import products from CSV files. Moreover, users can connect their web stores with third-party gateways such as Stripe, PayPal, or Square and instantly receive online payments.

Strikingly accepted payments
Strikingly Payment Support

Strikingly also supports all the currencies:

Strikingly supported currency
Strikingly Currency Support

Strikingly storefront also covers all the essential features of eCommerce, such as:

  • Customer email notification for the purchase status
  • Coupon code
  • Become a member (PRO and VIP)
  • Customize “Buy Now” button
  • Customize Checkout Form settings
  • Redirect after the customer completes the purchase
  • Abandon cart recovery (PRO and VIP)
Strikingly eCommerce Store Setting
Strikingly Store Settings

Strikingly provides built-in functionality for soliciting customer product reviews and controlling reviews to display publically. You can collect unlimited product reviews on Strikingly, but you will need to be a PRO user to use product review feature.

Strikingly customer product reviews

Creating promotional coupons is easy and available even for the free plan.

Strikingly create coupon
Create Strikingly Coupons

There is no limit to the number of coupons you can create, and the system can track how many times the coupon was used.

Strikingly Coupons

Overall, Strikingly has all the essential features that you need to run a successful eCommerce store and is intuitive to setup.

Wix eCommerce

Similar to Strikingly, Wix enables users to create a stunning storefront and customize product pages, galleries, shopping carts, and checkout. Wix also supports multiple payment options, membership, loyalty programs, and abandon cart recovery.

Wix outshines Strikingly with its detailed reporting and 3rd party integrations, such as running a marketing campaign with built-in Facebook and Instagram ads and dropshipping support via Modalyst integration.

However, there are a few drawbacks to Wix eCommerce:

  • Customer product review is collected via KudoBuzz integration with Wix. You are limited to 1000 reviews on Business Unlimited and 3000 reviews on Business VIP accounts.
  • The loyalty, promotion, and coupon features are via integration available for the Business VIP plan.
  • Subscription and multi-currency features are not available for the Business Basic plan.

Our Verdict

Overall, it is a tie in the eCommerce category; Strikingly and Wix have their strengths and weaknesses.

It depends on what you deem more important and how you want to run the eCommerce business.

If you plan to run ads on Facebook or run a dropshipping eCommerce business, Wix is the winner.

However, if you want to pay a lower monthly hosting fee while collecting unlimited customer feedback, promoting via coupons, or possibly launching multiple eCommerce sites focusing on different niches, Strikingly is a better solution.

Strikingly vs Wix SEO

Strikingly vs Wix: SEO

Strikingly SEO

Strikingly provides an SEO checklist, and it is easy to use. As you complete each task, it will have a checkmark, and the task will be crossed out. When you click on the link, it will bring you to the location where the setup is needed.

Strikingly SEO


Wix offers a vast collection of SEO tools, including an analysis add-on, social media integration, instant Google indexing, bulk 301 redirects, and more. With Wix you can customize your site’s meta tags, URL structure, canonical tags, structured data markup, robots.txt file and more.

Wix highlights the technical SEO capabilities and provides a development mode for embedding HTML and integrating via API.

Our Verdict

Although both builders allow users to optimize their sites for search engines, Wix offers more technical SEO features and more controls to the user.

If you are technically savvy or have a technical SEO specialist who can take advantage of these features, Wix is the winner for optimizing your website.

Strikingly vs Wix Plugin

Strikingly vs Wix: App Store Market

Strikingly App Store

Strikingly seamlessly integrates with various third-party platforms, including Google Docs, SoundCloud, photo galleries, eBooks, audio platforms, social media platforms, and many more. Pro Plan subscribers have access to more third-party tools, allowing them to get the most out of their websites’ functionality and design.

Strikingly App Store - All
Strikingly App Store

Wix App Market

Wix allows users to integrate over 500 applications and widgets from the App Market. Some third-party applications you can integrate with Wix include Salesforce, Slack, HubSpot, Shopify, Form Builder, Site Search, Event Calendar, and more. 

The app store has a user-friendly interface with a brief description and user reviews that you can drill in to read the detail.

Here is the number of apps in each of the categories:

  • Marketing: 128
  • Sell Online: 185
  • Services: 30
  • Media: 48
  • Design: 50
  • Communication: 74
Wix App Market - Marketing
Wix App Market – Marketing Category

Our Verdict

Wix offers a more extensive selection of third-party integrations in the App Market. On the other hand, Strikingly offers limited third-party integrations.

If you’re more concerned about third-party integrations, you’ll want to go with Wix.

Strikingly vs Wix Language

Strikingly vs Wix: Language Options

Strikingly Language Options

Currently, Strikingly supports the following popular languages with auto-translation capability:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Czech
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Czech
  • Japanese
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

Wix Language Options

Wix supports over 180 languages in accordance with the ISO 639-1 international standard, allowing users to create websites from almost anywhere in the world in various languages.

You can find all the languages supported in Wix Multilingual List. Many languages support auto-translation via 3rd party services such as Google. You will need to rely on manual translation if the language does not support auto-translation.

Our Verdict

When it comes to language options, Wix notably prevails over Strikingly. Supporting over 180 languages, Wix is the undeniable winner in this comparison part.

The diversity in terms of languages allows users from various parts of the world to use this website builder without the limitations that come with language barriers.

Strikingly vs Wix Price

Strikingly vs Wix: Pricing

Strikingly Pricing

Strikingly offers a free forever plan and three paid plans for users to choose from.

Like any free plan, the Strikingly free plan comes with several limitations, including limited storage, limited integrations, having to use a subdomain instead of a custom domain, advertisements, and limited pages. The free plan is ideal for someone with zero budget or looking to get started on a one-page website.

For the paid plan, you can pay monthly, yearly, 2-year, 3-year, or 5-year for the maximum saving. You can test any plan you are interested in at no cost during the 14-day trial period.

Strikingly Pricing 1 year
Strikingly 1-Year Price
Strikingly Pricing 5 year plan
Strikingly 5-Year Price

Here is a quick comparison of the key features side-by-side for the three paid plans:

Strikingly Plans




1-YR Price

5-YR Price







# Sites




Custom Domain

Storage (GB)/Site








# Static Page/Site




Sell # Products




Transaction Fee




Product Review

Ads Removed

Custom Form



Site Membership




Send Newsletter

Live Chat Widget


24/7 Chat

24/7 Chat

Priority/Phone/Account Manager

Strikingly Limited Plan

The limited plan comes with 50GB bandwidth, 2 limited sites, unlimited free sites, a custom domain name, free SSL for a custom domain, free domain for a year, 1 GB storage per site, up to 5 pages per site, 24/7 chat support, and lets you sell a single product.

The limited plan is suitable for

  • Personal and hobby websites and not for an eCommerce site.
  • You can set up 2 limited sites and explore different niches.
  • You or your business just need a simple website.
  • You allow booking a call with you, but you are not looking to build an email list or engage prospects actively.

Strikingly Pro Plan

The Pro plan comes with unlimited bandwidth, 3 PRO sites, unlimited free sites, custom domain name, free SSL for custom domain, free domain for a year, 20GB storage per site, up to 100 pages per site, custom forms, site memberships, password protection, custom font upload, 24/7 chat support, and lets you sell up to 300 products.

The PRO plan is the most popular and offers the essential functionalities for both personal and business websites:

  • Have your branding, and remove Strikingly branding
  • Launch professional personal, business, and eCommerce sites
  • Need the ability to collect emails and engage prospects.
  • Need the ability to collect subscription fees and set up a single-tier membership website.

Strikingly VIP Plan

The VIP plan comes with everything included in the Pro plan, 5 VIP sites, 100 GB storage per site, unlimited bandwidth, 2,000 active contacts, multiple membership tiers, multi-language & auto-translation, live chat widget, priority customer service, phone support, a dedicated account manager, 0% transaction fee, and allows you to sell unlimited products.

The VIP plan is suitable for:

  • You prefer paying 0% transaction fee, and VIP makes economic sense.
  • You sell more than 300 items or need bigger storage space.
  • You plan to set up a multi-tier membership model
  • You have a global audience or sell internationally
  • You can launch up to 5 websites
  • 5-year VIP plan yields the biggest saving

Wix Pricing

Wix pricing has three categories:

  • Website plans
  • Business and eCommerce plans
  • Enterprise plans

Wix Website Plans

Wix website plan

All the Wix website plan supports a custom domain name, no Wix ads, a free domain for 1 year, and a free SSL certificate. You get more storage space as you move up the tiers and have 1-year free access to Site booster, Visitor analytics, and Event Calendar apps.

Wix website plan is suitable for a personal site such as blogging for affiliate marketing sites.

You will not be able to sell products or support paid subscriptions.

Wix Business and eCommerce Plans

Wix business plan

The business plans come with a custom domain, no Wix ads, free domain for one year, like the website plan. In addition, you get more storage depending on the business plan. With all business plans, you get more storage, able to accept payments, sell unlimited items, have zero transaction fees, and abandon cart recovery.

for Unlimited and VIP business plans, you can support subscription payments and multi-currency. You can also support dropshipping by integrating with Modalyst and collecting customer reviews via KodoBuzz.

You can run loyalty programs, coupons, discounts, and points for the VIP business plan.

Wix offers attractive eCommerce plans:

  • Your website needs to collect and support multiple forms of payments
  • If you run an eCommerce business and want to sell unlimited items
  • You need an eCommerce model that supports dropshipping
  • You want to collect product reviews
  • You want to run a loyalty program, ability to offer discounts, and have detailed reports.

Wix Enterprise Plan

If your business plan does not meet your needs and you are a large corporation, you can contact Wix about an enterprise plan and customize it to meet your needs.

Our Verdict

We feel the Strikingly PRO plan is the best value and offers the best combination of functionalities for someone looking to start a personal, small business, and eCommerce site. The Strikingly PRO plan beats the Wix website plan and is able to compete with the Wix business plans for a fraction of the price.

Wix Unlimited and VIP plan is very competitive compared to the Strikingly VIP plan. As mentioned earlier, both Wix and Strikingly eCommerce have strengths and weaknesses. It depends on what you value the most.

Strikingly vs Wix Price and Feature Comparison



Wix (Business Plan)






1-YR Price

5-YR Price









# Sites





Custom Domain

Ads Removed

Storage (GB)





# Static Page/Site





# Blog Post





Sell # Products





Transaction Fee







Site Membership







Send Newsletter

Live Chat Widget


Product Review





Strikingly vs Wix Support

Strikingly vs Wix: Support

Strikingly Support

Customer support is one of Strikingly’s strengths.

Strikingly has customer support email and chat available 24/7, a complete knowledge base that helps users learn how to use the website builder, a handy pre-publish checklist, and a tutorial video platform that aims to answer most of your questions.

It also has an idea forum that makes it easy for users to interact with users and other customers.

If you ask a question, Strikingly customer support will respond in minutes, even seconds, instead of hours, and certainly not days!

From the on-screen help icon, we typed in the question: “Need help building my first page. Where should I start?”

We are able to find relevant beginner articles listed at the top of the list, and it’s helpful that a small description is provided for what each article is about.

More importantly, if you do not want to chat with real support personnel, you can start the chat immediately and give you a personalized support experience.

Here are a few happy customers who tweeted their unsolicited feedback about Strikingly’s support.

Wix Support

Wix offers knowledgebase and customer support options through the Wix Help Center. They also upload informational videos regularly on YouTube and TikTok.  

You can navigate to the Wix Help Center and type in your question, and the chatbot will help you find the most relevant article.

We asked the same question, and Wix prompted the following:

This search result is likely overwhelming for a beginner who has just started using Wix. There are plenty of terms and acronyms, such as Dataset, ADI, Velo that users may find clueless. The top search result is mixed with beginner and more advanced posts.

The only option is to work with the chatbot until you find the most relevant article, and there is no easy access to chat with a live support person. With over 200 million users on Wix, it’s understandable why Wix relies heavily on the chatbot approach and hard to access a live support person.

Our Verdict

While both website builders offer dependable customer support options and knowledgebase, Strikingly clearly wins on customer support. We feel Strikingly’s search result is more relevant, and one-click 24/7 access to live customer support is a very valuable personalized service.

Strikingly vs Wix: Summary And The Winner

We have covered a lot in this article, and here is the summary to put everything together:




Easy to Use

The editor interface is intuitive and easy to use.

The interface is overwhelming and has a steeper learning curve to taking advantage of this powerful editor.

More Templates

Plenty of beautiful templates for online store, business, personal, and blogs.

More templates and categories to choose compared to Strikingly


Tied. Has built-in function to collect unlimited product reviews. However, it lacks dropshipping function.

Tied. Wix has dropshipping capability.  However, product reviews are limited to 1000 or 3000 depending on tier.

Advanced SEO

Provides a SEO checklist.  As you complete the task, the task is marked complete.

Ability to generate a custom checklist, dev mode, and control of technical SEO features.

3rd Party Apps

Has over a dozen apps for Business, Documents, eCommerce, Media, and Social

Has over 500 apps you can integrate on Wix.

More Language

Supports over a dozen of most internationally spoken language with auto translation.

Supports over 180 languages.  Not all language support auto translation.

Better Price

PRO plan and 5-year option offers the best price and savings

Website plans are more expensive and do not support business and eCommerce. The business plan is priced competitively.

Better Support

Chatbot, and one-click live chat. Phone support and dedicated account manager for VIP plan.

Chatbot-only and hard to find live support.  VIP plan provides priority customer care.

For the e-commerce category, we gave it a tie because Wix and Strikingly have strengths and weaknesses in this category. It depends on what functionalities are more important for your website.

Wix clearly is more powerful and has more functionalities, 3-party integration, and advanced features. However, there is a learning curve to becoming proficient with the editor.

Strikingly finds its niche in the crowded website editor space by being easier to use, providing core functionalities, offering competitive prices, and providing superior support. Strikingly is investing a lot in R&D to bridge the functional gaps, and it is a competitor to stay for the long run.

Which One is Best for Small Business Website

Both Striking and Wix are well-suited for serving small business websites. For a small business owner, most likely, you will want the website to show your brand, engage your customers, book calls, and collect emails. You may also want to sell a few online products or services or even offer membership and a subscription plan.

Overall, the Strikingly PRO plan offers the best value with all the features mentioned earlier.

However, if you are looking for more 3rd party integrations, running ads on Facebook/Instagram, and having more control, Wix will likely be a better choice.

Which One is Best for eCommerce Website

For eCommerce websites, you may have tens, hundreds, or even thousands of products to sell. You may need dropshipping, the ability to run Facebook ads, collect product reviews, run promotional programs, and recover abandoned carts.

Wix will likely be a better choice if you:

  • Need to support dropshipping
  • Need to integrate 3rd parties such as Facebook and Instagram for running ads.
  • Prefer to have detailed reporting with an integrated dashboard for tracking and managing inventories and invoices.
  • Willing to pay for the Wix Business VIP or opt for the Business Unlimited plan if you don’t need the loyalty program.

Strikingly is a better choice if you:

  • Plan to grow and run more than 1 eCommerce website
  • Prefer a simple and easier interface
  • Ability to collect more than 3000 product reviews
  • Looking for a lower-cost alternative to Wix
  • Have access to a dedicated account manager and speedy support

Which One is Best for Bloggers

When choosing between Strikingly vs Wix for blogging depends on your long-term goal and what features are more important to you.

Strikingly is better for you if you:

  • May want to launch more than 1 website, focusing on different niche
  • Prefer a more affordable plan
  • Website editor that’s easy and intuitive to use
  • May want to grow and sell physical, service, or digital products without having to upgrade your monthly plan.

Wix is better for you if you:

  • Prefer to have more design templates
  • Need extensive integration with 3rd party tools.
  • Prefer having more design options and am willing to go through the learning curve.
  • Have technical or coding expertise to take advantage of the technical SEO and dev mode features.

Strikingly vs Wix: Conclusion

Choosing between Strikingly vs Wix is similar to choosing to work with a local credit union or a Tier-1 bank. With a credit union, it may be able to satisfy every banking needs with a better rate, personalized service, and not having to pay for extras you don’t need.

Strikingly and Wix are great website builders for beginners and host millions of websites, but each has its strengths and shortcomings. Ultimately it comes down to what you want to accomplish with your website and what Wix or Strikingly has to offer.

Go with Strikingly

Easy to use, affordable, and oustanding support

  • You need more than 1 website.

  • Easy to set up and maintain a website with a minimum learning curve.

  • Affordable personal site with options to sell products, membership, and subscription.

  • Affordable eCommerce site with 5-year plan for big saving.

  • An eCommerce site that can collect unlimited product reviews

  • Access to live chat support when you need help

Go with Wix

More templates, design options, and control.

    • You need more design and template options

    • Need dropshipping capability

    • Fully customizable eCommerce site with detailed reports and integrated inventory management dashboard.

    • Need flexibility integrating with 3rd party applications

    • Need extensive multi-language support beyond the most spoken languages.

    • Have a technical SEO expert

    • Have a large corporation and need an Enterprise plan

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