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by Andrew Shih


Thank you for visiting WisdomDepot.com.

My name is Chengyi Shih.  Or you can call by my nickname Andrew.  I am a busy working professional, married to my loving wife, and have two adorable children.  My family and I have been longtime residents of New York.

This is my personal blog site for sharing my experience and knowledge, as well as helping others who may find the information relevant and helpful.

How Wisdom Depot Blog Began

I begin my blogging journey with project management primarily because I just obtained PMP certification prior and it wasn’t an easy process, and I have assisted other PMP candidates on other forums.  Having personally gone through the struggle and experience assisting other PMP candidates, I started pm.wisdomdepot.com to help PMP candidates with the PMP application and PMP exam by providing tips and resources.

Taking a Twist

Quite frankly, for a while, I was not sure what I want to blog next and put on my primary domain  www.wisdomdepot.com.  Then Coronavirus started at the end of 2019 during which over 40 million people have filed unemployment in the U.S., and New York was among the hardest-hit city.  During the pandemic, several states enforced shelter in place order and social distancing.

A new beginning with a new goal

Our journey for this blog started by providing side hustle ideas that can be done from home. Our goal, as bloggers, is to help those who have lost their job to earn money and build extra income streams during this difficult time.  We all know the risk and not to put all eggs in one basket when it comes to investment.  So, why rely on one full-time job to bring in income?  We anticipate people will realize the vulnerability of relying on one income source for a living.

Modern technology has made earning money from home much easier than before, and plenty of side hustles can be done online.  Almost everyone has the basic skills needed to earn at least a little bit of money without leaving the comfort of their home, whether it is pocket change, gift cards, or something more substantial.

Our goal for Wisdom Depot® is to provide you with viable side hustle ideas and in-depth coverage for many side hustle opportunities. Our vision is to be your trusted source for side hustle information and help you build additional income streams and achieve financial freedom.

How are we different from other Side Hustle websites?

There are plenty of websites that share side hustle ideas.  Most of them are written by employees who are editors, not by freelancers who are real side hustlers.  At Wisdom Depot®, we do our best to search for side hustlers who have relevant experience to write the blog and provide deeper insight that other sites do not offer.  While other sites simply provide you with ideas and you go figure out the rest, our writers take s step further by sharing more lessons learned, tips, and do/don’t to help you succeed with the side hustle.

At Wisdom Depot® we will explore side hustle opportunities and share this insight with you as well as provide you the motivation to move forward.  it will be our genuine pleasure to accompany your journey to achieve the financial freedom that you have been dreaming of.

We welcome you to share your experience and thoughts in forums, blogs, and comments.