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by Andrew Shih

Hey, this is Andrew!

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Thank you for visiting Wisdom Depot and learning about us.

Wisdom Depot is here to help those looking for inspiration and start a side hustle to achieve financial freedom.

About Us

Wisdom Depot is to motivate and help those who have lost their job or want to earn extra money on the side by building additional income streams. 

The Internet has made making money from home much easier than before, and plenty of side hustles can be done online.  Almost everyone has the basic skills needed to earn at least a little bit of money without leaving the comfort of their home, whether it is pocket change, gift cards, freelance, or building multiple passive income streams.

Our goal for Wisdom Depot is to provide you with viable side hustle ideas and in-depth coverage for many side hustle opportunities. Our vision is to be your trusted source for side hustle information and help you build additional income streams and achieve financial freedom.

About Wisdom Depot Journey

About the Journey of Wisdom Depot

If you want to learn more about us, this is our journey.

A New and Difficult Beginning

Since graduating from college, I have been content working as a full-time employee until I was laid off from work in September 2017. It was a devastating experience. 

I was the sole income earner for the family, and my wife has been a stay-at-home mom taking care of our two children. It was a finically stressful moment for our family that the only income source was gone, which was entirely out of my control. While the unemployment checks certainly helped, it wasn’t enough to cover all the bills.

As I was looking for a job, I decided to pursue the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification to broaden my job search. It took me about two months to acquire the PMP certification. Fortunately, I found a job in about four months and started working full-time again.

Launching My First Blog

Having gone through the complete process and gotten my PMP certification, I have been helping PMP aspirants on several forums by offering tips about completing the PMP application and tips about auditing. 

Quite a few PMP aspirants have reached out to me for help. I realized there is a demand for this information, which inspired me to launch my first blog to help my fellow project managers.

I launched my project management blog in 2018. It was rebranded and moved twice (a valuable lesson learned for another time), now known as PMAspirant.com

The blog has helped thousands of PMP aspirants complete their applications since it was launched. Because of the trust I built with my audience, I was able to start making affiliate sales and monetize in a small, specialized niche.

In retrospect, getting layoff was terrifying at first, but it gave me a new beginning and time to explore a new life.

Launching of Wisdom Depot

Having initial success with my project management blog, I started sharing my blogging tips, mistakes and lesson learned to help those who may want to start a blog

Although a blog can offer multiple streams of passive income opportunities, it is not for everyone. It takes a lot of hard work upfront without seeing a return. Most people won’t be able to wait months or even years to start making money from a blog.

With this realization, I started gathering side hustle ideas about how people can make money online from home and sharing the idea collections in my blog. 

There is something for everyone. There are plenty of opportunities to earn at least a little bit of money without leaving the comfort of their home, whether it is pocket change, gift cards, or something more substantial.

Inspiring Quotes to Keep You Going

Getting out of your comfort zone and starting a new venture is difficult. There will be challenges, and there will be times when you want to give up. You know anything worthwhile is not easy. Are you ready for it?

I gathered the quotes to serve as a source of motivation and inspiration to help you pursue your dream and not settle for anything less. Keep going and never give up!

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