Best Ibotta Review 2024 and How Does Ibotta Work

by Leigh Oates
Ibotta Review and How does Ibotta work

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Want extra savings when you shop? Find out how does Ibotta works with screenshots and step by step instruction. Finally, we wrap up with Ibotta review with DO and DON’T to help you determine if Ibotta is right for you.

What is Ibotta?

Ibotta is a free rebate savings app that helps you save money. You can earn rebates in the app in a variety of ways, including coupons, percentage rebates, and bonuses. Ibotta works with hundreds of retailers to make deals available on the essential items you purchase every day in-store and online.

How does Ibotta work?

You might be asking yourself, is this too good to be true? How does Ibotta work? Ibotta works with everyday purchases you make simply by using an app from your smartphone. It’s so easy – download the app, go shopping, redeem the rewards, and earn! Once you understand some simple guidelines and tips, you will see why Ibotta is such a popular method for folks to save a little extra money.

Ibotta App Homepage
Ibotta App Homepage

After you download it, register your account, you will see that there are several ways to earn rewards with Ibotta – in-store purchases, online shopping, pay with Ibotta, and bonuses. To make saving even easier, you can link store loyalty cards you have that work with Ibotta. Some examples of shops that can be linked to Ibotta are Weis, Rite Aid, and Food Lion. For in-store purchases at places that do not accept loyalty cards, you will upload your receipt. And for online purchases, you will launch Ibotta and go to the participating retailer straight from the app.

Once you are in the app, you will see many offers. Add the ones that interest you and get ready to go shopping! Choose from hundreds of stores and online retailers. For some offers, you can choose to go to any store, including local mom and pop shops, bars, restaurants, and gas stations in your neighborhood. Purchase the items listed in your offer, paying careful attention to the expiration date and the offer guidelines. Either use your loyalty card, upload your receipt, or complete your purchase in-app, and you will receive credit for your rebates!

When you reach $20 in credits, you can cash out to Paypal, or choose to receive gift cards for popular participating retailers. Currently, you can choose from over 60 retailers for your reward gift card.

Steps To Use Ibotta

In just a few simple steps, you can become a master of Ibotta. After you get the hang of it, saving money will become like second nature. You will love the feeling of having a little extra cash in your pocket and may find that you never pay full price again!

The Basic Setup

After you download the app, you will need to sign up and register an account. The app will ask you to verify your phone number. You can then choose your favorite local retailers and add them to a favorites list. After you register, add any store loyalty cards you have. If you want to use Pay With Ibotta, add a payment method such as a debit or credit card. You can also link the app to your Google Pay account.

Dollar General homepage on Ibotta App
Dollar General store on Ibotta App

Once you are all set up, it is time to add some offers. You can browse by a retailer or by category. For example, if you want to see what offers are available at Dollar General, you enter Dollar General in the search bar. When you click on the retailer, you will go to the retailer’s page and see a list of the available offers.

Ibotta App Dollar General Offers
Pick what you plan to buy from the store with special offers.

Select and add the offers you are interested in by clicking on the “+” icon before completing your purchase at the store. This is especially important if you are going to a store that has your loyalty card information linked. For other stores, you can upload your receipt up to 7 days after purchase, but it is probably better to add the deals in advance, so you know exactly which items you are looking for when you buy. Don’t forget to check for special bonus offers to redeem as well!

The app is the perfect way to get some cashback while you are online shopping as well. Launch the app, and look for the list of online retailers. Getting cashback can be as easy as getting dinner! Hungry for some Domino’s? Click on Domino’s in the app, and then click the button that says “Shop Domino’s.” You will be taken to the website where you can complete your order. When your purchase is completed through the app, you will earn a percentage of cash back on your purchase. Rewards range from 1% to 15% cashback on your purchases. Occasionally you will find Ibotta promo codes for online retailers on the app as well.

If you are out shopping in stores, you can also use the Pay With Ibotta option. This option works at stores like Kohls, Bath and Body Works, and Aerie. You will need to add a debit or credit card to the app for this option. Before you pay at the retailer, enter the checkout amount into the app. Ibotta will charge your linked credit card and issue a gift card code to you. The cashier will scan the gift card code or enter the number manually. You will earn cashback on your purchase instantly! Pay With Ibotta can also be used with online shopping.

How To Redeem A Receipt

Ibotta App Redeem Receipt
Click on Redeem to redeem offer and scan the receipt.

For many transactions, you will still need to submit your receipt. After you make your purchase, collect your receipt from the cashier. Try to keep it in good condition, don’t wrinkle it. After you get home. Open the app and select “Redeem” from the bottom menu. Then you will choose the store where you made your purchase.

Ibotta App Confirm Store
Pick the store where you made the purchase.

Double-check and make sure you picked the correct retailer, and that the date on the receipt is within the last seven days.

Ibotta App confirm store receipt
Confirm the store and dates before you scan the receipt.

Now it’s time to take a photo of your receipt. When taking the photo, it is important to get the full receipt, including the product details, date, and total.

Ibotta App Scan Receipt and Barcode
Scan Full Receipt and Barcode using Ibotta App.

The Ibotta app has a camera program that shows you how to line up the receipt inside the guide.

Ibotta App Capture More Receipts
Keep taking pictures for a longer receipt.

If the receipt is a long one, there is an option to add more sections. Make sure you capture the whole thing, that it is readable and in a good light.

Confirm your purchase offers on Ibotta App
Confirm your offers on Ibotta App with what you purchased.

After the receipt has been successfully uploaded, the list of offers you have added will pop up. Pick the offers that are on the receipt and add them.

Ibotta App Scan Barcode
Scan barcode to confirm your purchase of the offered item.

You will be prompted to scan the barcode of the item you purchased. If the item matches, your coupon will be redeemed and added to your balance.

Ibotta App Verify Offer
Verify your offers after scanning barcode

You can track your earnings on your account dashboard, and you can withdraw once they reach at least $20.

Ibotta App Redeem Offer
Successfully redeem offer on Ibotta App

How Much Can I Earn With Ibotta?

Your earnings with Ibotta are unlimited but will depend on the amount of your shopping. Since there are so many offers that work with any brand or store, it is worthwhile to use the app simply for those offers. Almost everyone buys eggs, milk, and bread, and these are the common “any” offers on the app. Ibotta also gives deals on popular name brand items and entertainment, so for most people, they will find that they can save on things they already naturally buy.

Earnings can accrue slow or fast, depending on your usage of the app and the frequency of your shopping trips. There is no pressure to redeem the earnings, as they do not expire. Many avid users will earn hundreds of dollars back in rebates every year.

How Do I Redeem Money?

Ibotta App earning dashboard
Ibotta App earning dashboard

Before you can redeem your cash, you must accrue at least $20 in credits. For some gift cards, the limit is at least $25.

It doesn’t take long to get the money at all! For Ibotta Paypal withdrawals, you can have your cash in two to twenty-four hours. You will receive your cash as an e-gift card within an hour in most cases. To redeem, choose the “Withdraw Cash” option from your account dashboard.

Whether you choose a gift card or Paypal is up to you. Paypal is the best option if you need the money for living expenses, but the gift card option can help you have a gift for a special occasion.

Ibotta Review

Is Ibotta a scam? People have reported a range of experiences with Ibotta, including several negative reviews. There are also hundreds of positive Ibotta reviews.

By understanding how does Ibotta work, you will have a better user experience. Your experience can also depend on your usage and expectation of the app, so your mileage may vary. However, there are some important DOs and DON’Ts when using Ibotta to avoid a negative experience.


  • Do make sure you understand the rules and guidelines presented with each type of offer. Review the Ibotta website if you aren’t sure.
  • Do understand the different types of rewards.
  • Do pay attention to expiration dates, size/product guidelines, and receipt dates.
  • Do take good pictures of a crisp receipt in proper lighting.
  • Do make sure to add your offers before you go shopping.


  • Don’t have items already in your shopping cart when you use the online shopping method on Ibotta. Always start with an empty cart.
  • Don’t go out of your way to buy things you don’t need just to use a coupon. The idea is to save money, not spend it.
  • Don’t get too carried away with the Ibotta app. There’s always another chance to make a deal.
  • Don’t have unrealistic expectations. Use Ibotta as a way to supplement existing thrifty habits. This isn’t a get rich quick method.

Ibotta Bonus Material

One of the extra perks of Ibotta is the Ibotta Bonus. You can stack rewards to earn extra funds. You can also join a team to start earning even more with friends! There is a lot to explore on the app, almost too much to cover in one blog post. The easiest way to learn is just to get going! Jump in and explore the app and see where it takes you. Do you have any special hints or tips that you have used to make the Ibotta app work for you? Feel free to share them with us! We would love to hear what works for you.

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